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Parivartan- A Change

A FRIEND DIED DUE TO ELECTROCUTION Can we let more people die due to negligence?

Tejas Acharya, an engineering student from M.S.Ramaiah Institute of Technology was electrocuted to death on 25th May 2006. He died of electrocution because he stepped on an unattended live wire. When we come across any such happening, we have few choices to make. One choice is to just think about the incidence for a minute and then resume our work. The other choice is to see what could have been done to prevent the happening. Many people would have noticed that wire in that place. But none of them cared to bring it to the notice of the authorities. Had someone taken a little care to see that that wire was repaired, we would not have lost our friend? We have decided that we will bring in a change. We will put in an effort to see that no one else suffer this way. No we are not going out for a protest march. All we are asking for is a little concern from the people’s side. We are launching a campaign to encourage people from all over the city to shed negligence and report any live wires that they notice to concerned authorities. If we citizens of this country start taking responsibility of the things happening around us , only then will there be a change. SO what are you waiting for? Join us now. There are four documents attached to this page. Please download and print them. They have the exact strategy being taken up, the relevant posters and an appeal that we are orwarding to BESCOM. Please do something. Make a better world. Hindu Cover for Parivartan


Submitted by rajat on Sun, 04-Jun-2006 - 12:02


If we decide to do something.. we will get it done. You and me.. So set out.. Bring in a change

Submitted by tejasvi.adiga on Sat, 19-May-2007 - 20:48


Do not wait for others to do a job.. Try to do it yourself.. sometimes u can save yourself and others by doing this..