M S R Blood Bank serves the blood requirement of about 200 different hospitals/clinics in North Bangalore. It is equipped with the best facilities for blood donation and transfusion and counts among the pioneering blood transfusion centers in the city. This blood bank runs on a totally replacement basis so far with very few Voluntary Blood Donors coming in to donate. Each person who receives blood from this blood bank is expected to replace it. This imposes serious limitations on the services offered by this blood bank. Also it leads to immense pressure on the patients to replace blood. Sometimes, the people have to be sent back without blood. M S R Group of Institutions have thousands of Students who have so far contributed their blood very generously. But the supply is highly unorganized and periodic. Ramaiah Blood Bank suffers from shortage while other blood banks benefit. Considering above context, Sankalp has initiated a programme to channalize blood from various M S R Institutions to Ramaiah Blood Bank. backed by the Support of Dr Naresh Shetty (Medical Director, MSRMH) and Dr Nand Kishore(Chief of Blood Bank @ MSRMH) this mechanism is all set to bring in promise of a better medical service.


Submitted by rajat on Wed, 25-Apr-2007 - 20:09


Carefully look at the problems around you. Carefully look at the society. You can have two view points.. In one case all that you consider yours is what is within the physical limits of your house. The furniture, the TV etc.. Even the people you consider yours are only your closest family members.. The other vision is a vision where you feel ownership of more things in your society. Where you feel that the country, the state, the city, the locality, all are your own. When you think on these lines you take a leap from the crowd that keeps blaming things to the group that makes things better. As a volunteer do not look for opportunities to disgrace others .. be it institutions or organizations.. As a true Volunteer never tell what is not done.. but learn the art of asking what can be done. Our people are Indians at heart.. All of them are good. But in this modern world where each one in playing a blame transfer game, each one has started blindingly defending themselves. This is breaking our society. Be Proactive. As you work through this service, do not run up and keep complaining about how things were bad. Always keep looking for opportunities to make whatever is a little bad, slightly better. If each one of us thinks on these lines, then by the sheer force of good thought, good work and Pure Aim, there is nothing that can stop us from realizing our dream society. Stop complaining.. Start Working.. make Ramaiah An Ideal Place at least in terms of blood..