Rani LakshmiBai: Vowing to fight back

When the British gained the upper hand and Hugh Rose’s army entered Jhansi City, the Rani herself took up arms. She put on the cloths of a man and she fought like the Goddess of War. Whenever she fought the British army bowed down. Her organization of her forces and her fight – worthy of a man – surprised Hugh Rose.

When the situation went out of control the Maharani called the courtiers who yet remained and place her suggestion before them: "Our commanders and our heroic soldiers and artillery men are not with us now. OF the four thousand soldiers’ in the fort not even four hundred are left now. The fort is not strong. Therefore we must leave this place as early as possible. We must organize an army and then attack again." The noblemen agreed.

Accompanied by some warriors, the Rani forced her way through the enemy lines and departed from Jhansi.

A British officer, Boker by name, followed her with an army. He was himself injured during the fighting and retreated. The Rani’s horse died. Even then she did not loss hear but went to Kalpi and joined Tatia Tope and Rao Saheb.

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