The Republic Day 2006

This time we realised that Republic Day did not mean anything more than a holiday for the people. This was highly unacceptable.. 26th January has been marked on the calendar as a National holiday. We celebrate Eid,Diwali,Christmas and Gurunanak Jayanti. Is Republic Day only a holiday or something more? What is a National Festival? For New Year(or many other occasions) we have plans. We remember and call our loved ones. We wish them. We spend some part of the day doing things that hold special meaning. What about our National festivals? Do they mean nothing more than holidays? We have aped the West to celebrate the New Year. Have we seen the way they celebrate the Nation? These were the questionas that were posed to an entire population in Bangalore. Newspaper articles, posters and radio announcements , all urged people to come forward boldly wand celebrate Nationhood. Then finally we had a small candle march and sweets distribution. We went to KC General hospital Malleshwaram and spent some time with the patients there.. Out attemps were taking shae but not exactly at the pace as desired by us.. Primarily because of the indifference of people..

Sankalp Unit