Sankalp Pioneering Apheresis

Donate PlateletsThe First Call

The first time when we received a call from someone who required platelets for his daughter, it was a completely unheard of request for us. We struggled through the day searching for every small piece of information we could get (from web and from the doctors) to gain confidence and get a deeper understanding of this process of giving platelets that the doctors called apheresis.


Today: Sankalp Pioneers Apheresis

This was about 18 months back. Today, we are proud to tell you that we have been pioneering voluntary platelet donation in the city of Bangalore. Since May on an average we are getting 2 requests for apheresis per week from various parts of the city. People suffering from dengue and cancer and many more life threatening diseases are benefiting from this revolutionary technology of giving platelets. We are happy to announce that today when we get a request for platelets, we do not hesitate a moment before going ahead and arranging for platelets for the patient. This process, which is being forced upon the patient in most cases is finding a fame honor and relief in the hands of Voluntary Platelet Donors who are celebrating and sharing their “Gift of Life”.


The one year since our first apheresis request was spent in carefully examining and understanding this method. In line with the basics of our organization, we treat the well being and the safety of the donor first. To ensure that the process is safe enough for a donor we dug into medical science journals, international websites and of-course, the local doctors and transfusion specialists. To our amazement, we found that this process was equally safe as a blood donation. And adding to its virtues is the fact that one can donate platelets up to 24 times in a year.


We Care For You

When Sankalp started with platelet apheresis, we first had our volunteers go ahead with the donation. We ensured that the process is executed out in Bangalore in the very same way that the international norms dictate. We felt for our self what it like is to give platelets. Now that we have many happy and ever ready platelet donors within the volunteers we are inviting all our regular blood donors who are above 65kgs of weight to join in the process.


When are platelets required?

Platelets are the clotting factor in blood. Whenever we have an injury, it is the platelets that ensure that the site of bleeding is plugged. They also help in proper circulation of blood. In an adult, a normal count is about 150,000 to 450,000 platelets per microliter (x 10–6/Liter) of blood.1 But some people who are suffering from Dengue, Cancer and many other problems have extremely low platelet counts. Unfortunately chemotherapy that is done to treat cancer destroys the platelets in the blood. In these life threatening conditions the only hope is the supply of platelets to the patient. With the number of cases of dengue on a rise in the city the demand for platelets has seen an unprecedented rise in the past few months.


Your Chance to Donate Platelets

It is time that you join in and be a part of this amazing process. It is time that you join in and give a gift of life to the people who are facing the worst time of their life. Your gift will not only bring them a better chance to survive, it will bring you unequalled joy and satisfaction. To know more about platelet apheresis, please mail us at


Amarnath's Experience

"The first time I was called to donate platelets by Sankalp I was a little unsure about the whole thing. When I reached the blood bank, I found a cheerful Sankalp Volunteer who explained to me the entire process. He explained the eligibility to donate and what care if being toaken to ensure that I am 100% safe. After that it was all easy. In the next two hours I spent the most memorable time of my life understanding that these two hours and my platelets will together give a person another chance to live" - Amarnath (B+ve platelets donor, MSRIT).

So what are you waiting for. Here is your chance. want more information? Mail us and we will help you find answers. This is your chance to make a DIFFERENCE. To be the One. The only HOPE. The one Who Gives Life One More Chance!