Shaheed or Hum

The courage and the devotion of the freedom fighters towards their motherland is the living spirit of India that has been passed on through the generations. This indomitable spirit still burns brightly in the hearts of all the Indians. The living spirit India manifests itself whenever the country calls upon her sons for protection and defense. Even after Independence the ensuing battles, to uphold the sovereignty of the country, have seen heroic martyrs who've answered the call of their mother land with their lives. The living spirit of India is therefore, immortal.


Submitted by rajat on Tue, 15-Aug-2006 - 00:31


The names of the great souls who gave away all they could for our freedom are heard less often. I must not forget, that when I open my mouth to demand thgings from my nation today, no one comes to beat me mercilessly because they took it all on themselves. And for whom? For us..