Spoken English

We have been working with Swami Vivekanada School around a year of time and participating with them on different activity. We had celebrated with them republic day, Independence day with them.

As we are working with them on other activty, Teachers of school requested to help them in learning spoken English and it mark the starting of PROJECT SHIKSHA.  After discussion with teachers, picture became clearer and we got to know that teacher in school are comfortable in reading english, writing english and also teaching english to student but are not comfortable in speaking English.All they need is a fluency in english.  

Keeping this target in mind, we folded shleves to take up the task to help them in speaking english which in turn will build their self confidence and also help student to leanr spoken english. Seeking balance between their regualr school activty and learning we finalized Wednesday (3:30 – 4:30) and Saturday (11:30 – 12:30) as two days when we will visit the school to build their competency in spoken english.

But we had no clue how to start, as we had no experience in teaching that to to teachers. To start we downloaded some material from internet. It had 10 chapter as per their difficulty level. We started with lesson 2 as lesson would be too basic for them to teach. Along with this chapter we started group discussion and newspaper reading activity for them a lso few grammar classes too.

Now it’s around, little more than a month time, since we have started this activity and teacher are working hard and you can see the them improving day by day. Now they are pretty comfortable to talk among them in English. We are planning to continue this activity till 20th march when the annual exam for school will start and after which their will be around 1.5 month of holiday.  

Sankalp Unit