Third Visit to School...

On 23rd June one of the volunteer received a call from school administrator regarding the need of COPIES for the children for new session. After talking with school administrator in person, We got to know the requirement of 700 COPIES for children.

One of the Sankalp volunteer share this with his friends and other sankalp volunteer. People came forward with full heart and contribute for the children. Many of them came forward to visit school on 30th June 2007.

On 30 June nearly 11 people found time from their routine life and get together to provide a helping hand to the needy. We visited the same school which we visited twice before. Again the experience was as touching as before. The people visited school are: Parameshwar -> IT professional Smitesh -> IT professinal Sunil -> IT professinal Arun -> IT professinal Shilpi -> IT professinal Lalith -> IT professinal Krishnan -> IT professinal Jayesh -> IT professinal Manju -> Working Tejasvi -> Student Rama Krishna -> IT professional Among the people who contribute but would not participate in the event are: Anand -> IT professional Vamshi -> IT professional praveeen -> IT professional Rakesh -> IT professional Sandeep -> IT professional Nikhil -> IT professional Withthe help from the above people we would collect nearly 5200 rupee and from the amount we brough 700 COPIES as asked by school of worth nearly 3200. Rest of money was decided to be used in any such future activity. On the behalf of Sankalp I would like thanks all of those who supported us and made it possible to provide the helping hand.

Thanks you one and all :)

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