What has to be done?

Sankalp is networking with conscientious individuals around the town from various institutions. All what is required of them is a little time and effort. We will be sending them posters which they have to put up through out their institutions. They can also choose to send messages, forward mails and thereby include larger number of people. An appeal to BESCOM is being sent to you. Please get maximum people to sign it. Not only will those people get sensitized, but we will be able to pressurize BESCOM too. A little time from their side will take the message to hundreds of others around them. As different individuals do the same in their institutions together we will be able to take the message to countless number of people in no time. Even if the minute fraction of these people starts taking positive steps, it will be enough to avert such disasters in future. We have requested BESCOM to respond to any such complaint to their fastest. Our request to you is to put up posters, talk to people, get involved, involve more people and thereby bring in a change for better in the world around you.