Incidence Report

Long way ahead to prevent unnecessary suffering for patients with Bombay blood group

Recently, we had a situation where a pregnant woman who was close to delivery was detected with Bombay blood group. She was shifted to Bangalore because the local doctors were uncomfortable handling the situation. The lady had haemoglobin on 12 gm/dl and it was then that it was discovered that the patient had extremely low platelets as well.

Importance of confirming Blood Group

Sankalp helpline gets a minimum of 3 to 4 Bombay blood group requests every month from all parts of the country. With such flowing requests and very few eligible donors available it has become very much a necessity to request donors to donate every three months and motivate more Bombay blood group donors who are not aware about the scarcity and need of this unit.

Undue Panic

Handling blood requests at late hours in the night is not new for the Emergency Wing at Sankalp. 19th April 2013 was one such day.  We received A- SDP(Single Donor Platelet) request. 

The patient was suffering from dengue. When a person is affected by dengue, the platelets count usually decreases from lakhs to thousands. In this case, the count at that hour (at 11:30 PM) was less than 10,000 in the patient.  With such a low count, the patient side was informed to arrange two to three A- SDP units.