Chhatrapati Shivaji

Shivaji Maharaj, the greatest mulnivasi warrior on the earth and his dazzling adventures have inspired generations. He was a great military leader with impeccable morals, put into practice. Chatrapati Shivaji has the rare characteristic of drawing the best elements of the country to his side and winning the most devoted service from his officers.

His dazzling victories and ever ready smile made him the idol of his soldiers. A royal gift of judging character was one of the main causes of his success. Shivaji taught the people of the country to hold their heads high, develop self-confidence and face foreign invasions boldly. He emphasized on native talent, strict discipline and believed in solicitude for peasants, old women, men and children. Shivaji's private life was marked by a high standard of morality. Want to more about this great warrior read on.

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