Contributing Organisations

We are not alone in our attempts to extend help to the victims of this disaster. We are happy to be receiving the support of many friend organisations who have always come forward to participate actively for the cause of the Nation. The following are the organisations jointly working with us:

  1. MSRIT:MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology has always stood by Sankalp. Yet again the institute is encouraging the staff and students to contribute generously towards the relief mission. Being the first organisation to participate in this effort, MSRIT got the ball rolling for Project Sparsh. Total Contribution from the organization was 21600.

  2. Dhariwal & Sreenivas Chartered Accountants: The frontrunning from the corporate side has been Dhariwal & Sreenivas Chartered Accountants where the fund collection is proceeding in full swing. Total Contribution from the organization was 18302.


Submitted by Lisha on Sun, 11-Oct-2009 - 17:19


All organizations planning to contribute to Sankalp, please note that we will not be able to collect the relief funds beyond Thursday(15th October).