Disha Goes Online

Disha means direction. Disha was started with the intention to direct patients to the nearest source of safe blood. In doing so, Disha has finally started directing other teams of Sankalp as well.

The amount of data Disha receives everyday through updating stocks, and handling blood requests, is immense, and often very useful. But unfortunately, since cleanup and processing these was a herculean task in itself, the analysis of this data was either delayed or not done at all.

That is when it was decided to get Disha off the papers and Excel Sheets. Sankalp Tech Team went a step ahead and developed the Blood Stock Information Management System. This system is now maintained by Disha volunteers. This tool not only logs the blood bank stocks data and blood request calls, but it also generates exhaustive reports on these information. Data analysis is now just a step away.

Using this system, volunteers of Sankalp now get to know trending shortages of Blood Groups in different areas of Karnataka. Emergency wing now can prepare itself for upcoming blood shortages and also proactively improve their blood emergency fight back techniques by conduction Donor registration drive there more aggressively. This system also tells us how individual blood banks are fighting to manage their blood stocks, which are the blood banks and districts where camps are needed at the earliest. Disha now gives directions to Sankalp Emergency Wing and Rakta Kranti Karnataka as well.

Here comes the best news.

Disha going online has now enabled Blood Banks to update their stocks by themselves. This makes the blood stock updation by Blood Banks to Sankalp seamless, and takes the blood helpline to the next level. Blood Stocks from blood banks can now be updated more than once daily. In the middle of a day, if blood stocks data of a blood bank changes drastically, they can post multiple updates, thereby making the helpline more dynamic and patients benefitting from it in a much better manner. Blood Banks can not only update, but also analyze their blood stock data, understanding their stock trends, strengths and shortcomings. Blood Banks can now choose not to be called for stocks and update them online by themselves.

Blood Banks willing start updating their stocks by themselves into the online system on a daily basis, can call us on 9742876892, 9900161551, or 9880132850, or drop an email to


Sankalp Unit