Cure for Sorrow

There is an old Chinese tale about a woman whose only son died. In her grief, she went to the holy man and said, "What prayers, what magical incantations do you have to bring my son back to life?"

Instead of sending her away or reasoning with her, he said to her, "Fetch me a mustard seed from a home that has never known sorrow. We will use it to drive the sorrow out of your life." The woman went off at once in search of that magical mustard seed.

She came first to a splendid mansion, knocked at the door, and said, "I am looking for a home that has never known sorrow. Is this such a place? It is very important to me."

They told her, "You've certainly come to the wrong place," and began to describe all the tragic things that recently had befallen them.

The woman said to herself, "Who is better able to help these poor, unfortunate people that I, who have had misfortune of my my own?" She stayed to comfort them, then went on in search of a home that had never known sorrow. But wherever she turned, in hovels and in other places, she found one tale after another of sadness and misfortune. She became so involved in ministering to other people's grief that ultimately she forgot about her quest for the magical mustard seed, never realizing that it had, in fact, driven the sorrow out of her life.

Submitted by pooja on Wed, 18-Jun-2008 - 22:27


what exactly is death?   How can a person who was walking around among us yesterday be not present today and will never talk to us for the for the rest of our life??? isn't it strange??? How can the people used to being with him around him overcome the the extreme sorrow in their heart????? 

Hye ,

I think death is a very natural phenomenon ....Its a part or we can say the end of the human life cycle.....One who is born is destined to die but its the emtions , love and sentiments towards the person which makes us scare.We are afraid to loose our near and dear ones we cannot imagine our life without them...... our love ,feelings and sentiments overpower the hard core reality i.e death( which every one knows) and we tend to take death in a very different way.actually Your question is not about death or a person it is about the relations we make with that person.The closeness we share with him or her.....

Dear Pooja man was never bothered about death until he sarted makind relations.After this the memories haunted him and he started fearing death.

We being human beings cannot control our feelings and will not be able too do this in future also so the kind of question u have assked will be asked every now and then.(though you , me we all know the  truth about death) 

bye dear

take care

may god bless you