Define it...

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Life is too simple to make complex or too complex to make simple???

Life is a too simple to make it complex – you follow time and it take you through it. Just follow it with small trivial decision and you will sail through it. Other easier way just sail it and enjoy the journey. You would be too busy and jolly to see the other side of it. You even not realized that coin has other side too. You will be what you should be than what you can be. You will be realistic and practical than dreamer. You will be where it takes than where you would want to be. You will be happy than satisfied. But who cares!!!

Life is too complex to make it simple – Some time it makes you too innocent to look beyond. Some time it will make you blind to look ahead. Some time it will make you on the top of world. Some times it will daunt you with its stature. Some times its too good to pass on. Some time it will shock you by its reality. Some time any thing is just a thing for you. Some times any thing is nothing for you. Some times it makes you too helpless to eat food for youself. You just keep looking at it and it will pass on. You keep staring at it and it will keep laughing at you.

Life is some time such a puzzle that It even won’t let you to define it.

Keep thinking…