Project Disha : Association With CTC

We dreamt for connecting blood banks. We thought about having a common point access to all available blood. We looked for a future where a person wolud make a single call and get the blood he wants. We dreamt of Providing A DISHA to the helpless.

Two years back when we started work with Disha, it was a huge challenge. But work did start. We explored all possibilities from IVR to a SMS based network. Finally, here we are.

On 13th September, 2006 Project CTC Disha is being launched by the Governor of Karnataka. We worked this project out in association with Comprehensive Trauma Consortium, what you can better relate to by Sanjeevini free ambulance services. Now the life saving 9480044444 will also provide blood information.

The dream did take shape. Blood sweat and tears.. we saw what it takes to put in all of them. Life has its methods to reward hard work. I just hope it does reward us by sdaving as many lives as possible through our effort.

Vande Mataram