From Darkness To Light : Pledge Your Eyes

Donate Eyes

Don't you at times feel, "Thank God, I have seen the sky, the rainbow, birds, animals, the forests, vehicles and a lot more !!!" ?. But alas, some never know that the sky is blue,that the rainbow has seven colors, that the forests are green, that mud is red,black and brown. For some there exists just one universal color, the lack of light. There is something that you can do..

Do you wish to live forever not just through your descendants and generations to follow, but through the joy of someone you helped, through the cheers of someone whose tears you wiped ? Most people answer this as YES as soon as they read it. But it just stops there with that one YES. Well, now you do have the opportunity to go one step beyond. Want to know how? Read on, it will cost you 5 minutes.

As the Nation prepares itself to move into the seventh decade of Independence this August, let us together push this YES into LET ME ACT . Let us make a difference this August 15th, let us liberate that YES from it's confinement on this beautiful and eventful day. This year on Independence day, let us pledge something that brings color and life to us. Let's pledge our EYES to the nation.

Let's bring the gift of life to someone's life by becoming an eye donor. Eye donation is a gift that is invaluable. A sincere pledge that you make today, will bring color and vision and hope and joy and smiles and a lot more that cannot be put into words, into someone's life, long after you are gone. Your dream of having been remembered will be realized.

To Register as an Eye Donor all you need to do is click here and fill in your details. You will be receiving your donor card in a months time from the day of registration.

Please find more information about eye donation in the pages below.

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Now, let us not hold back.Come let you and me LIVE FOR EVER. Let's create a lasting vision. Let's be a part of this movement today.


Please download the Organizational Invitation Here
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