Donor's Speak

This is a place for blood donors to share their experiences and reasons for donating blood.


Submitted by ritika on Wed, 06-Jun-2007 - 22:09


I do not think too much before giving blood. Actually, I give blood because I know that somewhere someone will require it and it will be useful. I have seen what blood shortage is like. When my brother was born, my mother had internal bleeding and she required many units of blood. We saw a very difficult time then. We saw how people turn their back on you at the time of problem. And moreover the Bejois that we get at the end of the donation is worth the unit of blood!

Submitted by rajat on Wed, 06-Jun-2007 - 22:20


My grandfather had donated blood about 40 years back. AT that time blood donation was a very big thing. But he did donate. When I was a young child, I knew my father goes to the blood bank every 6 months to donate blood. Whenever I crossed that blood bank I used to stop for a moment and try to imagine the various blood bottles and other stuff that was inside. There were times when someone in my family required blood. Many units at a time. I was too young.. and helpless.. But I could see my elders travel 300 km to the hospital where the relative was admitted. And this only to give blood. By the time I was in my teens, I was waiting very keenly for the day when I would get a chance to donate blood. It was a family tradition for me. But after the first donation, it has become an addiction. It has become a stubbornness. The feeling which compels me to take up a face to face fight with the static and the pain.

Submitted by amitsedai on Wed, 06-Jun-2007 - 22:46


Every time i get a chance to donate blood , I get excited. It is the inner happiness that drives me to donate. I would love to donate every 3 months all through my life. I have seen people struggling for blood. Run here and there when the blood is rare to find. My donation in some respect would help in alleviating this problem. Call it service or help for others. What matters is the inner satisfaction that i get whenever i donate.

Submitted by amitsedai on Wed, 06-Jun-2007 - 22:49


Bangalore houses thousands of companies. Lakhs of students come here to study. It is home to over a crore of people. If only one percent of these donate blood, there will never be blood shortage in the city.

Submitted by abhinav on Thu, 07-Jun-2007 - 11:47


Look friends to be more practical and logical I would say by donating blood I am not losing anything but instead adding up new freah blood. As we all know blood donation is medically suggested every six month. Our body keeps on producing new blood, so whats the harm donating blood and getting fresh in return. And moreover person like me with all bad habits should be doing quite often. There is always a personal cause behind every good deeds. Confused???? Friends that cause can be anything. From greed to personal happiness to satisfaction bla bla bla............ I always say things in this world are relative. It depends on how we take it. Listen to your heart always.

Submitted by tejasvi.adiga on Thu, 14-Jun-2007 - 14:13


When a person donates blood more than once i think he will be proud when he will be telling others the number of times he has donated.. even the listener is awed.. this is a personal experience.. when i had heard a person tell me that he has alread donated 25 times in his life and is looking forward for more i was stunned.. he must have been proud saying that.. even now when people ask me have u donated blood i feel satisfied when i tell them i have donated:-)

Submitted by deepsinghchauhan on Thu, 30-Aug-2007 - 15:11


it was great had fun there.....

as i donated in apheresis so spent a lots of time wth blood bank staff n the chief ........

maja aaya unse baat karke

aur sabse accha laga mere  saath wala bed ka donor mujhe dekh kar aur relax ho gaya bola abe kya kar raha hai maine kaha are kuch khas nahi bas aise hi....

bed par hi use blood donation k baare me bata raha pakata raha and he felt really comfortable...

overall it was a great experiance...

specially as it was my 1st donation (an apheresis one...)

Submitted by Silverst Rodrigues (not verified) on Tue, 15-Jan-2008 - 11:45


The first time I donated blood was for my friends uncle (who had to undergo heart surgery and the hospital required 4 donors), Second time was when Sankalp organized a blood donation drive in ITPL campus. Both these times there was something which I felt, I felt nice... In this so called busy world, if you get any opportunity to do something for your existence, then I would recommend “Donate Blood”, cause you never know someone is in need of blood somewhere in the city and that’s the least one can do without any harm. Maybe that “someone” is some close friend of yours. Don’t think just Donate….