Why we are born?

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When we say something is born or created , it means that there was a point in time when that thing was born/created. We have been seeing as a natural consequence, what is born has to die. Death or destruction is a natural consequence of whatever that was born or created. This also marks that in both death and birth happens at some time. Time is involved in both consequences.

On similar lines , the universe as we see today must have been created at some point in time. Several scientists predict certain billion years as its inception. Since the universe was created, it should be destroyed also, which means that at some point in time it would be destroyed. Creation and destruction involve time.

But... there is a catch. We say that energy is neither created nor destroyed. If something was not created , then it must have existed infinitely before (When we say infinitely before.. we usually mean time).

If something was not created then logically it appears that it cannot be destroyed. Hence, IMHO there would not have been a time when energy was not present and the question of who brought energy in the universe can look like an idiotic question or something human mind must find difficult to comprehend. The reason is we are conditioned to think in the dimensions of time. It should be extremely difficult to visualize something where time is not a factor.

But again, is energy a part of the universe or the universe itself is energy manifested in various forms. The later looks more convincing. So, this conclusion may make us think that universe must have been present infinitely and would continue to exist.

The various forms of big bang or shrinking to a small point (as scientists believe) would be the transitions the universe must be taking.. and who knows that this might have happened infinite times before!!

Coming to the realm of our existence and the reason why we are born .. and maybe the purpose of it. Truth be told.. I have no clue.

I believe in the concept of soul. IMHO, I think the soul can be energy in its prime form(I dunno what that is also!). If the soul is something which is neither created nor destroyed.. which traditional religious book preach , I am more convinced about the soul being energy like everything else in the universe!!

Maybe the soul is prime form of energy , or the most powerful form of energy.. whatever.

It may mean that we have been existing (if we consider ourselves as spirits and not the body) infinitely. Maybe that's the energy in the universe which sustains life in the universe. Consider life giving energy present in all forms of life that we see.

I believe that this post may give rise to many questions.. questions about bondage and freedom, questions on the concept of heaven and hell, concepts on the existence of GOD.

I am not an atheist, but I refuse to follow blindly. I believe religion and science are one, maybe religion is a higher science.

I would like to draw a parable from Hindu mythology. There was a sage who wanted to understand what GOD is. So the sage sat for meditation near a sea shore. Some divine being saw the sage and felt that the sage is wasting his time trying to understand something which his senses cannot perceive, his mind cannot comprehend.

So, to make the sage realize his folly, the divine being (as they call him), incarnates into a small child. The child then starts to create a small hole at a place near the sea shore where the sage could see. The sage starts watching this child, as the child goes to the sea, fills her hand with water to the sea, takes water into her tiny hands and starts pouring into the hole.

The child does for a good amount of time. The sage watching, feels curious to understand what the child is trying to do. He calls the child and asks on what was she trying to do and achieve. She answers that she wanted to empty the sea into the hole!!

The sage laughs out loud and says that it should be foolish to do so as the small hole is insufficient to hold the water from the sea. The sage then asks the child to abandon the idea and go home.

Hearing the sage response, the child answers - "You seem very amused at the thought of me emptying the water of the sea into a small hole. But what you forget is that you too are trying to do the same. You want to understand the entire universe in a small brain of yours. Isn't it foolish to even think of doing that?"

Concluding... Ironies exist. I do not assume that whatever I said is true. I may be entirely wrong.. But, I guess that's how I learn.