Fighting H1N1

  • Fight H1N1 by spreading awareness about flu prevention in schools
  • Target institutions and schools and places of religious interest
  • Calling volunteers to join in

We have been preparing lately to give a proper fight to prevalent confusion and panic about H1N1. We thought that the best way to keep people from doing the things that they need not do is to tell them what they can do. Schools as always are the hardest hit by the mess the media has created. Assemblies are banned now. Mass communication is no longer an option in schools.

The answer we have found is a poster issued by WHO indicating the do's and do not's for the pandemic. Please find the soft copy attached. We have got loads of these posters printed in English and Kannada and the plan is to visit as many institutions as possible and stick 2 posters (one in each language).

With these simple steps being presented to young minds at a place where they are most likely to see it, proper credible information will not only propagate to the tens of thousands who we can reach out to but also to their families. This could be majorly instrumental in reducing the spread of flu.

The posters are ready. We are looking for people who are willing to take these posters to institutions in their locality. We will be glad to provide just as many posters as they can distribute in the institutions around them. We have put together a simple scheme to avoid duplication of effort track the effort. Inviting the enthusiastic you to come forward and participate :)

What to do? Send a mail to or sms to 9880132850 expressions your interest to be a part of this activity. Please mention your Mobile number in case you decide to send a mail. We will get in touch with you and provide the posters.

So, let's go ahead and give a good body blow to H1N1 :)