Letter that accompanied the postcards


The Commanding Officer,

HQ 14 Corps,


15th January, 2008

Dear Sir,

We are sending to you Republic Day wishes and tokens of our care, concern and love for all the soldiers who guard the Siachen glacier. Please accept this humble token of our appreciation and take the message of love and care that we are sending to all our brothers.

On this Army Day we are sending to you 3340 postcards. Each one of this postcard is handwritten by people from all walks of life. Starting from a five year old kid, to elderly people, all have joined hands to send to their soldier brothers a small message. Though we understand that we may neither understand not be able to reduce by the smallest extent the hardship and the suffering you face on the glacier, but we have made this humble attempt to tell you that we care. We hope that these postcards will be able to add at least a smile on your faces for a moment.

We have tried to send you sufficient postcards so that each soldier gets one for himself. Though we understand that in the treacherous terrain of Siachen, where it is extremely difficult to even supply the basic supplies to the soldiers, we request you to kindly arrange for one card to be given to one person. In case of a shortage, please do let us know and we will very gladly send more messages. To enable smooth and easy distribution we have packaged postcards in packets of 10 each which are further bundled in groups of 10 packets.

On one hand we want the people here in Bangalore to express their feelings for their brothers and on the other, we have been careful enough to ensure that any in-appropriate message is not passed on to the soldiers. We have made a comprehensive and careful attempt to screen out any postcards that convey any message other than the above mentioned. To the best of our knowledge, there is no postcard in the lot that has any offensive/in-appropriate message.

As the in-charge of this attempt that we named Mission Siachen, I would also like to share with the you the genuineness and the sincerity that many students and young people have shown to bring together these messages. I wish you could see the feelings that people had here for you and for the work that you do. I can promise you that the youth of today stands behind you and looks up to you for all the things that you do for this soil.

We are very glad that we got a chance to send these messages to you. We are sincerely grateful to everyone in the DHQ , Army Office in Bangalore and in Siachen who helped us and supported us in numerous ways to be able to communicate our feelings with you. We will like to express our sincere gratitude to all of you for making this attempt possible.

Once we have sent you these cards, our Republic Day will be an eager wait for these postcards to reach to the each one of you. We request you to kindly acknowledge the distribution of these postcards to the soldiers on Republic Day or anytime after that when the distribution is complete. We will be eagerly waiting to hear from you.

One more thing we the Sankalp Volunteers wish to tell you is the fact that please rest assured that we value the freedom you secure for us in very high terms. We promise you that our lives will only be contributing to the cause of our motherland and that we will try to be worthy of each drop of blood that you lose, to guard us.

May you come home safe and in good health. May you radiate the love and dedication you have for our nation wherever you go and inspire millions of youth like us.

Thanking you,

With love, care and deep appreciation,

Jai Hind!

Rajat Kumar Agarwal


Sankalp India Foundation

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HQ K&K Sub Area

DDG - Welfare

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