CME on Late Effects of Chemotherapy organised


Since Dr. Sklar was in Bangalore to spend time with us. We thought it would be a great opportunity to share his experience not only with us but also with other Hemato Oncologists. So, we had organized an event where the doctors from all over south India had come to witness his session. He shared his views, experiences and ideologies on the treatment of childhood cancers, how to reduce the toxicity, late effects of radiation, very high risk factors of cardio and pulmonary issues and death due to recurrence. The session was also briefed by Dr. Lawrence Faulkner on Thalassemia management and late effects of Thalassemia. He also highlighted that 50% of patients die before Transplantation in India and also, he stressed that the chemotherapy is more damaging on the fertility related issues which is a big concern and how we can try and control the issue.

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