Hope with HLA Typing


Due to the covid lockdown, Sankalp could not reach out to a large number of patients in different parts of the country to offer HLA typing and the possibility of cure through transplants. However, with things getting better, a series of small events were held where hundreds of families were offered HLA typing free of cost through the generous support of DKMS. Here is what happened at the different places

Ahmedabad: Two events covering about 32 families for HLA typing were held at Ahmedabad at the thalassemia day care centre jointly managed by Sankalp and Jalaram Abhyuday Sadbhavana Trust. This centre has more than 125 patients on active care and already several patients from here have been cured through BMT. Patients hailing from Ahmedabad, Surat, Saurashtra and Maharashtra were present in the camp hoping that they would find a favorable HLA match within the family. The families had several questions related to ongoing thalassemia care and transplant which were all patiently answered by the team.

Delhi-Faridabad: Continuing on its mission to manage and cure children suffering from Severe Thalassemia, Sankalp offered HLA typing (courtesy of DKMS) to children being managed in its new collaborative daycare centre at Rotary Blood Bank, Faridabad. A centre that was established just before the onset of covid is already giving blood transfusions and regular care to about 140 patients from Haryana and surrounding areas. During the peak lockdown period, several patients from Delhi received blood and support from this centre. Samples for about 20 families were collected in the first batch of HLA typing. Many families came with the hope that their child can find a full HLA match within the family. One mother continuously recited prayer as samples of her children were being collected. The highly dedicated and motivated management team at the centre looked forward to the next set of improvements and changes and discussed the possibility of curing the maximum number of children from their centre. Samples will subsequently be collected for the remaining families within a month

Parbhani-Nagpur: Two events were held in the cities of Parbhani and Nagpur in Maharashtra. More than 80 families at Parbhani and 50 families at Nagpur were offered HLA typing. Although Sankalp runs a day care centre at Nagpur, access to cure has always been a challenge. Many families from Parbhani struggle to find regular blood products, therefore the excitement at the possiblity of cure was very exciting for all of them. The event at Parbhani was hed at the Town Hall in the presence of severa people with the District Collector being the Guest of Honor. The team aims to get in all wiling patients from these region and offer them a chance at cure.

Apart from these, several families from Sankalp's day care centres in Karnataka were also offered HLA typing. The Sankalp Program for Cure at both Bangalore and Ahmedabad are looking forward to receiving children from all these areas for transplants.

Patrika Section