Jyothi joins Sankalp as Response Centre Executive

The Statewide Helpline for Blood has a new person taking care of it. Jyothi Crasta joined Sankalp on 24th June 2013 to manage the 'response centre'. Jyothi has done her Master Of Arts in Sociology at Christ University, Bangalore. She is natively from Mangalore and she likes to help others, she believes in being calm always, and she has huge number of friends.
Jyothi was looking for job in NGO, when she saw the advertisement of Sankalp online. She liked the fact that Sankalp is working actively and saving lives.  She says - "There are very few NGO's working on this and so hard. So I found this work interesting".
When asked about her work she said - "my work as the call center executive of Sankalp is to handle blood request calls, donor requests, volunteering requests etc. I enjoy my work and I feel happy for myself. My work hours are from 9 am to 6 pmeveryday, between which we get close to 25 calls. For emergency calls I ask for their number and I forward the message to one of our volunteers who handles all the emergency requests. I have been working here for the past 10 days. I am happy with my work. Atleast I am helping those who are in very critical stage. I am getting good support from Sankalp volunteers to learn and develop more and more." 
We wish Jyothi all the very best!
Sankalp Unit