Learn as We Work


Learning and Knowledge Management has for long been recognized as a pivotal tool for organisational progress. Unfortunately, the concept has not been given enough attention in the healthcare sector, especially in India. One of the larger goals of Sankalp at the time of establishing the new BMJH-Sankalp BMT unit is to incorporate continuous learning for healthcare professionals as a part of everyday work. As the team grows larger in size and takes up the responsibility to treat more and more patients, the need for skilled professionals is necessary to achieve good clinical outcomes. Therefore, a lot of onus is being put towards training and education. While DKMS and C2C have come together to offer an Advanced Practice Professional (APP) course recognized by the European Bone Marrow Transplant Association for the senior staff, the junior staff are getting to learn through educational sessions at the facility.

Be it acquisition of new skills, understanding and absorbing Standard Operating Procedures, case discussions or learning better ways to do things - all of these and more are being dealt with in regular trainings each week. The nursing leader spends atleast 2-4 hours every week in introducing the world of Bone Marrow Transplant to many young nurses who have recently joined in. In addition to this, subject matter experts from Pediatric Critical Care units, experts from field of Pathology and Transfusion Medicine are also being called in for helping with both theoretical and practical learning. These trainings and sessions are helping build confidence of staff to handle the most difficult of patients. In the last 2 months, critical care training, handling of tunnelled hickman catheters, prevention and management of infections have been given prominence. Guided by the famous quote“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn", post such training sessions, the staff are given the opportunity to put their learning into practice under the guidance of senior colleagues or clinicians.


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