Sankalp wins the Blade of Honour

Gillete, in a recent initiative, located citizens from nook and corners of India, who have done simple but inspiring work. They presented the Blade Of Honour award to citizen soldiers who have contributed to the society with their soldierly values.

Well, thay found Sankalp volunteers worthy of this honour. One of the 10 medals for this year was presented to Sankalp. Rajat Kumar Agarwal, a volunteer, represented Sankalp in the award ceremony. Sankalp thanks Gillette for bestowing us with this honour.

"Gillette presented us with an opportunity to meet the other 9 award winners. It is the selflessness of these citizens who believe in action and not words that inspires us", quoted a volunteer.


Sankalp Unit

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Congratulations Sankalp... God Bless!