This manual is aimed at serving the purpose of a handbook to all the volunteers who work for this programme. This contains comprehensive information on Volunteer duties and Organizational aspects of the programme. This manual is not to serve as the reference point for blood related information. The Objective of this Programme are as below:
  • To be able to achieve a sustainable and continuous supply of blood for M S Ramaiah Blood Bank. This to be done by achieving 100% Voluntary Non-remunerative blood donation by the students of M S R Group of Institutions.
  • To inculcate in the students, confidence, trust and knowledge about blood donation and convert them into regular blood donors.
  • To ensure that each donation by the students is carried out in the safest and best possible manner giving primary importance to donor's safety and satisfaction.
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    Submitted by rajat on Wed, 25-Apr-2007 - 19:57


    Please understand the purpose of this activity in very simple words as follows: If even 1 blood bank can always have stock of the required blood then we will never have a condition where the patient does not know where to go for blood. If you as a person, work honestly and very truly to bring in Voluntary Blood Donors, then you are indirectly extending help to the most helpless people around. For you it will be some amount of sincere work, but for them it will be a blessing un-equaled.

    Submitted by rajat on Wed, 25-Apr-2007 - 20:00


    If only 1 % of the Indians start donating blood two times a year then we will have at least 2 times the amount of blood our country requires. Your aim is to make a regular blood donor out of every person who comes for the camp. Regular blood donors once made, there will be no more deaths due to shortage.