Pathetic Fire Safety and Rescue

Submitted by pravsripad on Sat, 19-May-2007 - 10:39

Fire Safety in India is an all time low profile, almost unheard of thing.
Prevention is better than cure, but if there is no prevention, atleast good rescue and post fire accident intensive care must be looked upon.
This is in a pathetic condition in Bangalore.
The hospital will kill the accident victim before the fire burns do so. The government hospital, burns ward in Bangalore is hell......
Anything even the slightest exercise of good will in this regard will give hope to those who have burned it all........
Your Opinions.......

Submitted by rajat on Tue, 22-May-2007 - 11:32


I as a Disaster Mitigation student can definitely say that in most of the cases where we see deaths due to fire(keeping aside the intentional murders) it is found that the situation could have been easily avoided. For example, in Upahar Cinema fire case, only 8 people died of burns and all the others died due to suffocation, stampede and because of jumping out of the balcony. An expert later proved that if the people were little aware on what to do, the deaths would have been contained largely. We must at all time look for preventive measures. These are in our own hands and we can make the difference ourself. Now, moving onto the care after the person has actually got burnt. Here I feel that Victoria hospital does have the required infrastructure to handle these cases. What may be lacking is the human part of the process. I agree a lot can be done to ensure better care for the patient.