August 2015, Vol 5, Issue 8

Remembering Kalam
souravroy Tue, 11-Aug-2015 - 09:59
News and Updates from July 2015

Rakta Kranti

Dengue continued to be the biggest challenge to deal with for all teams at Sankalp. For Rakta Kranti, it was to maintain a steady supply of blood in the city.

souravroy Tue, 11-Aug-2015 - 09:47
How some people make a difference
When people go beyond their zone of comfort and honestly work hard towards something, the results are always good. The actions of such individuals are inspiring to people around. This story is of one such individual. An individual who is a blood donor hero by himself. Sankalp has been organizing blood donation drives at ITPL since 2007.
souravroy Tue, 11-Aug-2015 - 09:33
A Step Towards Safer Blood Donation Drives
It is said that if you stop learning, you stop creating history and become history. At Sankalp a practice of striving to improve continuously is imbibed in all volunteers. Hence training and knowledge sharing sessions form an important aspect of projects. In the last 2 financial years, Sankalp has organized 300+ blood donation drives.
souravroy Tue, 11-Aug-2015 - 09:12