January 2014, Vol 4, Issue 1

Emergency Team - the roads taken

Submitted by sankalp on Fri, 24-Jan-2014 - 12:51

Sankalp started 10 years back with the intent to help people who are facing difficulty arranging for blood in emergencies. That responsibility now rests with the emergency team of the organisation. In those days the challenge was to organise for blood for the patients who were sent out of the blood banks to look for donors. Replacement requests, negative group requests and seasonal shortages kept us busy. Those were the days when an AB-ve request was considered a challenge.  Then came the era of single donor platelets.

How Prepared Are We To Handle Adverse Reactions & Emergencies In Blood Donation Drives?

Although blood donation is a safe and well established procedure, certain blood donors face an adverse reaction either during or post donation. The severity of such reactions varies from person to person. However, a general pattern of the nature can be drawn. Such reactions may discourage these donors from donating again.

Remembering Netaji - Personifying The Sense Of Responsibility

Submitted by aurora on Tue, 13-Dec-2011 - 14:57

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was a tireless worker, who chalked out his own unique but highly effective and efficient methods to drive the oppressive British out of Inida. Apart from being the worker he was, he had a great sense of pride and a attached a deep sense of responsibility and commitment to the challenges that lay before him. In this speech named Order Of the Day delivered by Netaji on August 26, 1943, he simply has personified the sense of responsibility of a leader.