Indian Express on Samraksha Inauguration


A Thalassemia daycare centre, 'Samraksha', was inaugurated at Rashtrotthhana Parishat on Saturday. This centre has the capacity to support 200 patients with complete support for treatment, tests, blood transfusions related to the care and management of the disease.

The inauguration was presided over by Vice-President of Thalassemia International Federation, Shobha Tuli, Pediatrician from Sion Hospital, Mumbai, Dr Mamta Manglani, and Vinay Shetty from Think Foundation, Mumbai.

Thye addressed the gathering and gave ideas on how such centres have been set up in Mumbai and what more can be done in other cities. They stressed on the need for quality in management and treatment of the disease.

Volunteers of Sankalp India Foundation, the organization that is working on delivering treatment protocols for every patient also stressed on the need for families to keep coming back for regular care and management. Its president Lalith Parmar laid out the future plans of the centre.Sankalp India FoundationThe event was attended by more than 50 families where children have been born with Thalassemia, who shared their experiences

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