Project Shiksha

Swami Vivekananda Shishu Vihar and Kannanda Hiriya Prathamik School.

When for the first time we visited this small school in Banshankri, we knew that there was something every special about this place that will bring us back. And indeed it happened. Our National Festivals are now usually celebrated with the young bright future that is nurtured and educated in this school.

Out of all the schools that we have been to in the past, this place came exceptionally close to Sankalp Volunteers. Indeed it is a special place. We found teachers in this school who did not ask us to teach the children. Rather they wanted us to teach them so that they can discharge their job in a better way. We found, that every little piece of equipment we gave to this school was being used by the poorest of poor students. To us, this school looked like a place where there were enthusiastic students, dedicated teachers and high hopes for a better future. The only thing that was lacking sometimes was resources to keep things going. It is here that we decided to pitch in.

Since then, our relationship with the school is flourishing. Time and again we have tried to help them out and the outcome of our little help has left us spellbound. Here is a small timeline of events.

26th Jan '07: It started with a day visit in a school to celebrate and share joy of National Festival on 26th Jan 2007. For the first time we came face to face with the young energetic students of the school. Some sports equipment was all that we could provide them.

3rd Feb '07: We arranged for copies and pencils for the young children.

23rd June '07: We received a request for 700 copies for the children for new session. Sankalp provided the helping hand.

15th Aug '07: We got an invitation to join them on occasion of Independence Day during their cultural celebration. We were amazed to see the dedication of children and commitment of teacher for the function.

15th Feb '08: The bonding didn't stop here and now we receive the request from teacher to help them in learning Spoken English. For next three month we make sure one of the volunteer is there every Saturday to teach them spoken English and it bears the fruit hen today teacher are much more confident and fluent in speaking English then few months back.

We have received the best of education and that is what has helped us rise in society to a level when we have enough for ourselves and more. Now, it is time for us to give back to the same system that gave us such a special place. These young kids are the future of our nation. And if there is anything that we can do in our small capacities to usher their growth, we are more than ready to help.

The current plan for the school includes getting the school the much needed whitewash. We are also in the process of arranging for two computers for them to ensure that they enter the e-age on the right foot.

Keep Walking...

Please visit the school at Koramara Colony Ramakrishna Block, Thyagrajnagar, Bangalore-560028

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