Path of Excellence

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I am writing the blog after a long time. A lot had happened from last time I wrote one and this one. Life is not a same, as it is never. Lot of thing changed. Some towards betterment and some still on a way of improvement. What made me to write this blog is learning in this time. This blog is one of my lesson which i had always knew but never understood.

Here it goes...In our daily life, one term which slow and steadily vanishes out from our life dictionary is “Excellence”. Let’s look back and do introspective. When was the last time you thought, thinking is only first step, of doing the work in best way it should be done or at least tried to give your best? (Remind you trying does not mean only thinking, but putting some effort) Don’t try too much to think. Either It will come up naturally or it won’t. Many of us do our best or at least try their best to give in academics exams and many others not even that. Once we get to the real world all is over. Isn't it ironic, academic are mean to built us for the real world and things happens other way around. Also, most of our academic are gone looking for short term gain(marks)than long goals. Frankly speaking we don't have long term goal itself.

Many of us have this saying "we don’t have the time for excellence". It would be insane to expect excellence from ourselves in every aspect of life. But don’t you think its inclined more on the excuse side than reason. We should not get so involved in running the show, day to day problem, that we completely forget and forgive our self of time or other excuse for not even trying for it.

Some also have this to say, that they don’t get the work to do what i love most. Let see, If you can’t find even one job in which you can’t put forward your best than surely it’s time for introspective. Although its not a real problem but I have a solution for you. If you can’t find what you love, Love what you are doing. I know you will say i have heard it many times but for this i want to say you never understood it as it should be. If you do this you get to know what you love. If not, you will at least get to know what you hate. Believe me it always works. At least work for me. I am pretty sure it will work for you.

What the importance of all this? Is it worth putting extra effort for this? Answer is "Yes". How silly or insane it might seem but it matter most. Think “Why Taj Mahal is praised for its beauty all over the world? Is it because it has awesome marble or its one of the biggest man made structure or because of its has incredible art work. Answer is all. A beautiful life not made in day, it is built of each day: hard work, love and excellence. No wonder why it is said “Rome is not built in a day” It need a foundation of years of excellence work to built any thing worth while.

So What's the take away from this big article I would summarize it as “Excellence is not a destination; It’s a journey which should be start from today”

Keep giving your best and you won't realize when you crossed and came to path of excellence.

Happy walking :)