Sankalp India Foundation celebrated the 60th year of Independence by spreading awareness among people towards one of the most noble acts of "Eye Donation"

There are about 1.5 million people who today are unnecessarily blind. The only way their vision can be restored is by corneal transplant. But eye banks across the country are facing acute shortage of eyes. Much of this is due to lack of awareness among the people hence the day we celebrate our freedom, we thought to promise freedom to these people from darkness.

As part of this event, a seminar was organized by Sankalp volunteers at Applied Materials on 11th September 2007. Dr.Mona and Dr. Abhijeet, well-known Ophthalmologists from Lions Eye Bank were invited to come and present the seminar. 14 employees attended the Seminar with 2 of them pledging their Eyes.

Both Dr.Mona and Dr. Abhijeet were excellent in answering queries and questions related to Eye Disorders.

Though the response to the event was not as expected,it gave us an opportunity to figure out exactly what went wrong in our campaign running into the evnent and thus prepare ourselves for future events in a better way.This event also helped us to evolve a better strategy to involve 3rd party organizations in our events.