Feelings after Participation-Shaheed

For all those who participated in Shaheed activities-Please post what you felt here.

Submitted by rajat on Fri, 31-Mar-2006 - 23:47


After the candle march was over, we asked the people who were there to give their opinion about the event. This is what they said- I Love India - Ramesh I am proud that I am with SANKALP - Raghavendra Jai Hind - Abhilash M J Good Initiative - Ravindra Felt Like A Patriotic Moment Memorable Moment , I will never forget - Vijay Kumar Vande Maataram I want this fire to spread - Sudarshan 1st time I felt really patriotic Jai Hind - Suby Jai Hind . Bhagat Singh Amar Rahe Always - Alok Well done Sankalp. You all are doing a very great job and thanks for making a feeling that there is a Bhagat Singh inside all of us. Jai Hind - I am feeling a change in myself Jai Hind - Nilabh Feel Proud to be an Indian. Jai Hind - Preshit Apne ander ke aag ko hum roshni ke naam- Ye mera vaada hai - Prashanth There are two ways of living life. And from now on ill be prefering this way. Well done Sankalp. Jai Hind. - Mayank Bajpai Bhagat Singh sabke andar hai. Sirf usko bahar nikalne ki zaroorat hai. We all need a sp[arke and so Sankalp is providing the same. Live in India. Live for India. Jai Hind - Abhinav Ghoshal Great Work Sankalp. Salutes to all you people - Ashwin.