2 years of Kashmir earthquake

Submitted by rmourya1 on Sun, 14-Oct-2007 - 13:30

Exactly 2 years ago Sankalp reached out to the people who were affected by the earthquake at Kashmir. As we remember the people who died and were affected in some way or the other by this natural calamity we though it will be a good idea to ask the volunteers to share their experiences about Project Koshish..

Please find more information about Project Koshish here

Submitted by Jayesh on Tue, 16-Oct-2007 - 09:18


It was like a dream not becasue every thing happended very fast. I got the news in the evening and within 3 hour we were on the way to Delhi. From Delhi to Jammu to Ludiyana to Kashmir were our reaction to situation.

Most of the days we were not knowing where we will to be tomorrow. We slept in station. We ate what ever and when ever we found. We walk the path that comes. We were wearing the same cloth while returning which we werewearing while going.

But today looking back to those days i can say those were the one of the best days and experience of my life.

It like a dream for me today...

Keep Walking...


As I was not part of Sankalp at that time but I can imagine those moments where our volunteers were working seamlessly and helping the victims of the quake.They have sent a benchmark for all in the team.Cheers to them

In future Sankalp will be there evrytime the need comes....

I would like to say only one thing to volunteers of SanKalp

"Keep Walking".....

Submitted by rajat on Tue, 16-Oct-2007 - 10:08


The mornings the days and the nights were all like a movie. Passion and entusiasm seemed to reach out to the heavens above.

At the same time there was an underlying sense of seriousness and intense involvement. We had an opportunity to make the toughest of decisions in a matter of seconds.

There was no scope for ralxing. We new that the task ahead was enormously dangerous and difficult. As we kept each step ahead, the threats increased and so did the responsibility.

Character of a person is put to a true test when situations like these confront them. Each Volunteer involved from Bangalore to Tangdhar got an opportunity to explore the "within".

Most importantly, there was immense pride in the fact that we did what was expected by the people of Kashmir from our Nation. When we reached out there, we knew we are representing the billion people of India, letting the people there know, that we care.

The more I think. the more I will write..

But two years down the line,... I think it is time for action.. more action.. at least for me.! 

Submitted by rmourya1 on Tue, 16-Oct-2007 - 12:37


Not being a part of this project will always disappoint the volunteers who joined Sankalp at a later stage. Knowing that we could have reached out to those people instead of watching them at aaj tak and praying for them makes us more sad. But today we can stand up and say that we have joined the chain and we can at least try to understand what those volunteers went through......


Submitted by amitsedai on Tue, 16-Oct-2007 - 13:55


Few moments in my life are as great as those when I was involved in the Project Koshish. For the first time, I could see how decisions were made so fast and acted upon. Code Red was issued. Each volunteer giving his best to provide the required resources to the team that went to Kashmir.

For quite some time during the whole process and afterwards, I sensed an immense pride growing in me. Pride to have done my part, pride to be born in such a beautiful country.

Submitted by vibha on Wed, 17-Oct-2007 - 13:07


That was the first project in Sankalp where I worked in a group. The project holds lot of importance for me as it taught me some of the best things in my life.

I was taught how to work as a TEAM, what is the importance of coordination and responsibility in the Team Work by my seniors not by words, but by their involvement in the work. My teammates showed me how nothing else stands in front of that single CAUSE . I was stunned by their dedication to get smallest of the smallest things done in the way it should be. Nothing was lame there. If a single person would miss his job then it is going to be a disaster. And everyone seemed aware of this fact before anybody could tell them. People worked for day and night as if it was a last chance for them to do something.

KOSHISH slowly pulled me into Sankalp before its completion. Those few days of work taught me a lot of things which I missed. I am falling short of words to explain that excitement and satisfaction.

I just have one sentence..