Should the use of firecrackers be avoided?

Submitted by rajat on Fri, 10-Oct-2008 - 18:12

Come Diwali and there is celebration all around. The festival of lights also brings with it the opportunity to see the beautiful fireworks. At the same time, many of us are aware where these fire crackers come from. Our celebration comes at the cost of hundreds of thousands of child labours many of whom will die before celebrating their 18th birthday. Celebrations or Cause?

Let's discuss what we can do.

Submitted by Lisha on Sat, 11-Oct-2008 - 10:42


On a personnel front, I've asked my family not to bring crackers for the past 2 years. But they say its tradition to light diyas and burst crackers. As a method to solve this, we have tried to work this out, make family and friends gather at a place and burst some crackers. This in a small way reduces the quantity of crackers burst and the pollution it causes.

According to what I remember, the celebration of Diwali has the story of Narakasur being killed by his own mother (who was then Satyabhama, wife of Sri Krishna in her rebirth) behind it. Later it was her wish that the Diwali be celebrated by remembering him. Maybe as a way to show celebration and joy, we burst of crackers. I cannot tell about 100-200 years, but the bursting of crackers does have quite a long history.

Submitted by rajat on Sat, 11-Oct-2008 - 21:53


Personally I stop using fire crackers once I realized the gravity of the problem they caused. But still, I feel that it may not be the best idea not to have fireworks at all. It is celebration time. People associate each festival with some things. They associate Diwali with fire works. Now - which way do we go? I have few suggestions that I find MORE acceptable and which could really work out: a) as Lisha says, community fireworks are a good option. If the community size is large enough, you can call a professional fireworks expert. They prepare fireworks on their own. No CHILDREN are involved, pollution is limited and everyone can have fun. b) at least say a NO to firecrackers. There is a distinct difference between fireworks and firecrackers. Firecrackers are the bombs! Probably they can be left alone. c) Limit usage of fireworks to very little. as I said, on a personal front I have left them alone, but I will like to see more people giving up fireworks gradually. Limited usage, better choices of manufacturers, lower noise pollution levels.. I guess it might help.

Submitted by rajat on Thu, 23-Oct-2008 - 12:53


New Delhi: An accidental explosion ripped through an illegal fireworks factory in Rajasthan, killing at least 20 people, including 10 children, just days before Diwali. Police also said that 20 others were hurt after the explosion on Wednesday in Deeg, 30 kilometres from Bharatpur. "We now have a death toll of 20 people, but it could rise as many are seriously injured," Police Inspector General (Rajasthan) R Narsimha Rao said. Read More at IBN