Masinagudi – A Place to Unwind

Submitted by Lisha on Fri, 27-May-2011 - 20:18


Masinagudi is a stretch of forest area between the Bandhipur National Park in Karnataka and Mudhumalai National Park in Tamil Nadu. This forest area is great place to spend the weekend. Masinagudi is a place for almost everyone. It offers vast stretches of area to spend the day lazing around. It offers good locations to go for a trek. It offers areas for exquisite bird watching. Also, it provides pleasant area for long walks.

Climates of the place at different times of the year along with the attire to wear for the season are given below. June to September, the climate is best and the surrounding is full of greenery. Mild temperature of about 16 to 28 degree centigrade is seen at this time. Walking shoes, coupled with Jeans or tough trousers with an umbrella would be best for the walk/ trek through the forest. October to November will be best to see plenty of wild life and lots of undergrowth in forest. The temperature drops to about 13 to 21 degree centigrade. Misty and cloud covered mornings welcome you at this time. The North East monsoon sets in till the end of November. A sweater is needed for this weather along with raincoat/ umbrella. Shoes are a must need for people walking through the jungle. December and January are characterized by clear blue skies in the morning and cool starry nights. Temperature will drop further, so best time to wrap oneself up in sweater and sit around a bonfire. By February warmth starts creeping into the weather indicating the advent of the summer. The wild-life retreat to be spotted around water holes. Light clothing (but tough shoes and trousers/ Jeans) along with sunscreen will be needed. Around May, weather gets unpredictable with warm days, blasts of rain and cool nights. The vegetation and wild-life comes alive during this month. Light clothing and sunscreen would be needed again. 

There are quite a few number of guest houses which are available for stay. It is recommended that the advance booking for the stay there in these guest houses be done in order to avoid trouble in the jungle in the last minute. 

Apart from the trek in the surrounding forests, there are options of bird watching and long strolls along the roads there. Also, along with birds, the area is well known to watch elephants. Apart from that, it is a great place to laze around in the midst of the forest area. Thus, it is one of the best weekend spots when people just want to unwind.

There are many places nearby, which can be visited if trip to Masinagudi is planned for more than a weekend. The scenic beauty of the hills at the backdrop of the place, the horizon touching greenery, and the starry nights of Masinagudi are few things which make this place endearing.