The Opportunity, The Honour , The Duty

Submitted by rajat on Sun, 13-Sep-2009 - 01:50

OPPORTUNITY: All of us tend to be waiting for the right moment. The time when God will give us a chance to do something. Sankalp has given me the thing which people spend their lives searching uselessly. May be I am not someone big. I may be the flimsiest mole on the planet . The worst of His creation. But what I still have is an opportunity to do something really big: TO SAVE A HUMAN LIFE. How many people will want to do this but wont have the resources to do anything like this ever in their life. My life has a meaning and I am Proud to say this.

HONOUR: To be a part of Sankalp. No its not the same as being a part of any other thing. Here I am a part of an organization that works for people. Here I am a part of the vision 2020. The Ultimate dream. Here I work with the most beautiful Souls he has made. Here I see selfless work. Here I see true devotion. Here is my second family. A family that befriends the helpless and the needy. A family which has a reward no more than self satisfaction. I am Proud of the fact that I wear the Sankalp T Shirt and also have a Sankalp Badge. IT'S AN HONOUR TO BE A PART OF SANKALP.

DUTY: I was born to this land. This mother bought me up. It gave me food and water,air to breath. It gave me what it takes to be a man like me. It gave me all. It gave me all this when she has so many sons who dont have what I have. I owe everything I have to her. Somewhere its my duty to see to her other children's welfare, my siblings welfare. Sankalp gives me this platform . Its my duty to make use of what I have got to make life better for other children of my Mother - My Bharat Mata


Submitted by rajat on Sun, 13-Sep-2009 - 01:51


The love that we share, the care and the concern, the faith and the hope, the feeling of a group, the relationship, the words .... not mine but ours...., the spirit if one ness, the eyes which can cry only for the other person not for self, the love of a family, the pleasure of undiluted work, the hidden tears and the pain, the joy and the laughter, the eyes , the personality, the feelings, the spirit...THE FRIENDSHIP... MAY WE STAY THIS WAY FOREVER............

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 14-Sep-2009 - 18:01


Everyone has a feeling of doing something really great one day. That would be the one that they would be happy achieving. There exists deep desire to be able to do something for the society we live in - Not for the sake of the society or anyone : For oneself. The satisfaction that comes is immense. I have been fortunate enough for being able to witness such a feeling. But this is not enough.. Everyday the world presents us an opportunity to raise ourselves beyond any boundaries that we know. The ingredient is the deep conviction necessary for generating that spark. Hats off to all the selfless people of this beautiful nation, who through their work have made their life as an example. Thank You. Your work serves as an inspiration for people who are at the threshold to work for a cause but somehow find the inertia too much.

Submitted by sridhar56 on Sat, 03-Oct-2009 - 01:40


It is a nice way of putting across Sankalps beautiful picture. Just wish that we utilize the every opportunity to save a persons life...