Vote de India

Shyam is a well settled business man in a city of India. Raj is a IT profession in a reputed IT company. Here is a small there conversation in a party.

Shyam: Hi, Raj how are you and how is your job. You have a settle life with a settle job. Life is like cake walk for you.

Raj: No shyam not that easy, As you know this city pollution and traffic never let you live peacefully.

Shyam: Oh is it, I thought only we business man suffers becasue of this and this corrupted politcian can let you live peacefully without bribe. For each and every thing they need bribe. This uneducated politician don't understand anything. Most of them have even not gone to school. Don't know who elected them.

Raj: Yes, This politican take money and don't do anything. See the infrastucture of city, population is increasing like anything and no one seem to be concern of it.

Shyam: Yes, i totally agree with you. Nothing can be done to the city. Anyway why you bother you are going abroad next month. Go from here and live peacefully.

Raj: Yes, i am going next month. Anyway what you and i can do for this. Things was like this and we remain like this. It hopeless.

This conversation was hypothetical.

But many of you would have been part of similar conversation in your home, collage or office at some time in your life ot atleast you would have heard this some where.

If you believe "To be the part of solution than problem" here is chance for you to go and vote. Do your part. Choose your leader. If you believe your vote can make a difference and you want to go ahead with this. FIrst step for you for this is to enroll your name in electoral list if its not there.

This page gives all the information to a person who wish to vote and need guidance to get his name enroll in the electoral list.

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