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Extra Medicines Gopal was the worker at one of the construction agencies. He used to work as a daily labour and used to lift concrete and bricks in exchange of a petty 40 bucks that he earned at the end of each day. He had been breaking his backs for the last ten years with the same company and he had seen a lot of good times also when there was good business in the real estate but these days slump was there in the industry due to which he also had to bear its brunt. Due to slump he earned only 40 bucks which was hardly enough to let the two ends meet. But he was unable to do so. In fact since two days he had not been able to even get so much that they could have two meals.

On top of this from three days Shyam his only son had been burning in high fever. His parents thought that it was just a normal fever due to weather change but his fever was not subsiding at all. His mother had not slept for one day also; she was just sitting by his side changing wet bandages on his forehead. With all this her mind was foraying between her son and her husband who had gone to work and had to bring some medicines that the doctor had told them. When the fever was not coming down scared they went to show him to government doctor who had told them he had a strange viral that had also caught some others.

The doctor had told them to give him some medicines but when they went to the hospitals pharmacy they were told that the medicines were not available and would have to buy it personally. This meant that they would be further crippled. He had gone early so that he can do overtime and earn that extra much to get medicines for his son. But today also he failed. Disappointed he returned home.

At night the condition worsened and Shyam was in a very critical position. They went out and started searching for help but at that time of the night they were unable. They could only sit distressed and wait and pray to god.

It just so happened that in the house next to them their were so many medicines that people had brought at some part of time but today they were on the verge of expiry and were of no use to them .

Friends in and around our house there are so many people who are suffering because they cant afford the medicines. The same medicines that are lying unused in our housesuntil they expire and are eventually disposed off. Dr Amrita works with the patients in slums of Bangalore. She has taken the initiave to collect such unused medicines and go and give them to those who desperately need it. Therefore we request your sincere participation in collecting the unused medicines and passing them to any Sankalp Volunteer. Please mail us or call us for any assistance.

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Submitted by rajat on Sun, 27-Jan-2008 - 22:49


This initiative was launched many days back but the first few medicines were collected only today. These few antibiotics and other tablets have broken free from the drawers and the hidden corners of my flat where they would have perished in anonimity and are on their way to help a poor and the suffering.

Please come together with this cause. Make a conscious attempt to collect the medicines from your home and give them to us. We will pass them to Amrita to help the suffering.

Vande Mataram