What best can you do in the event of blasts in your city?

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In case you get to know that there are blasts in your city, what is the best thing that you can do?

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Do not panic and stay calm. This helps a lot in the tensed situation and also helps to keep others around us calm.

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  1. Clogged Communication Network You may easily expect the phone lines to be jammed and you may not be able to reach out to your loved ones easily. It is simple! everyone is trying to do the same. Moreover, the government may switch off the network to prevent mobile triggering of explosives.
  2. Traffic Jams If the timing of blast is around rush hours then you may easily expect to get stuck in very bad traffic jams. It is best to communicate the time at which you should be expected to reach home by considering the worst case traffic scenario.
  3. Mobs You may find a lot of mobs trying to look around. DO NOT ASSEMBLE IN MOBS! It obstructs the relief operations and breeds rumours.
  4. Bund After the blasts the basic supplies may get hit due to Bund! Purchase the essentials at once and stay indoors.

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Noticed Suspected Objects!? What to do? and What Not to Do? DO's
  1. If suspected device is found in a building, immediately evacuate the people systematically to a safe distance from the building.
  2. If suspected device is found in a building or room, keep open all the doors and windows of the room or building.
  3. Incendiary material should be removed from the near by places.
  4. Disconnect all electric connection.
  5. Caution residents of the near by building about the suspected device.
  6. Inform Police and Bomb Disposal team immediately.
  7. If available cover the suspected device with Bomb Blanket.
  8. Keep sand bags around the suspected object ( Three time the height of suspected object) don’t put sand bag on top of the object.
  9. Ensure that no rumours are spread.
Don't s
  1. Don't touch the suspected object(s).
  2. Don't crowd around suspected object(s).
  3. Don't trust the lable pasted on an innocent looking suspected object
  4. Don't panic.
  5. Don't spread rumours.
  6. Don't pour water on the suspected object.
  7. Don't use walkie-talkie, mobile phones, camera flash near the suspected object(s)
  8. Don't assume that only one device is kept.
  9. Don't obstruct the approaching Bomb Disposal Squad and Police teams.
  10. Never try to neutralise a suspected device.
  11. Life is precious. Don't be a Dead hero.
  12. Please call the Police - Control Room(100).
  13. Specfic Information can be passed on to adgplo@ksp.gov.in and webcomplaints@gmail.com or SMS to 94806 90069

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I just received a message saying that the Govt has requested people not to go to public places tomorrow. This is being forwarded to loved ones it seems. PL AVOID FORWARDING ANY MESSAGES, MAILS or whatever comes your way UNLESS YOU ARE REALLY SURE OF IT! I checked all prominent news sites and there is no alert. Why spread panic??