What do you like the most in our website sankalpindia.net from the past five years?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 14-Apr-2011 - 23:26


It has been couple of years now that I'm following the Sankalp India Foundation website. According to me, this is a great website as it gives you a lot of inspiration -- do things and not just to talk about them. Sankalp as an organisation(as mentioned in the site) is a team which consists of mostly engineers and IT professionals who have come together and tried to make a difference to the society -- as shared in the website and blogs. This shows we do not need to be a doctor in order to help someone. We can be from any field and if we truely want to help someone and we believe in ourselves then we can do it.

It is always easy have a round table discussion about anything and then forget about it. But actually working on your ideas and making it a reality is the greatest challenge. That is what I could figure out from the various things that Sankalp has achieved till date.

Money is not everything to make a NGO successfull. But it is the character of the individual volunteers that drives the organisation. Keep up your good work as you guys rock!!