What is Sankalp


What is Sankalp?

Sankalp India Foundation is a voluntary youth organisation working since 23rd May, 2003. Formed after few students took a resolution to ensure that no one died due to shortage of blood, today the organisation has become a promise for safe blood for all. Run by young working people and college students the organization today is working on three major fronts; to promote 100% voluntary blood donation and raise awareness about the cause; a 24 X 7 helpline for blood which networks all major blood banks in Karnataka; and the emergency team which boasts of never having left a blood request unsatisfied.

Apart from Blood, the organization helps out the victims of disasters and has worked for the disaster relief efforts during Tsunami, the Kashmir Earthquake and the floods in Tamil Nadu, the floods in North-Karnataka, the Sikkim Earthquake, amongst several others. The Organization celebrates the spirit of Nationalism with Project Tiranga - an initiative that gives opportunities to convert the patriotic feelings to actions.

Sankalp provides blood to the patients in extreme need:

  • To ensure that blood banks do not run low on stocks (especially in the summer months) our Rakta Kranti team conducts blood donation drives in an organised way and spread awareness and motivate people to donate blood regularly and voluntarily.

  • A single helpline number 94800 44444 (Project Disha) provides the blood availability information in all the major and safe blood banks in Karnataka.

  • If blood is not available in these blood banks, then the request is forwarded to Sankalp Emergency number 9880132850, where the Emergency Wing (the last ray of hope) will fulfill the request. We have never let any blood request unfulfilled till date.

  • Initiative for Better Blood Banking (IBBB) which is formed with a sole purpose of improving blood banking practices in the our country by embracing latest technological advances and adopting various improved solutions to address challenges faced in blood banking. IBBB will focus on both theoretical and practical learning.

Sankalp brings out patriotism hidden in every Indian:

Our Project Tiranga is an initiative which brings people to participate in National Festivals (Independence Day, Republic Day, Shaheed Diwas and Kargil Vijay Diwas) and prevents disrespect to the National Flag and other National symbols. Project Tiranga is something that we the Sankalp Volunteers do for ourselves. When we organize a Project Tiranga related event we also invite you to join in and celebrate the spirit of Nationalism.

Sankalp aims at preparedness in case of Disasters:

An initiative to overcome the shackles of unpreparedness in the society and thereby promote education, preparedness and mitigation is Sankalp Disaster Mitigation and Management Group (DMMG). Sankalp is not a relief agency. We look towards minimising damage and work to build a safer society. Considerable amount of service was done at the time Tsunami, Kashmir Earthquake, Delhi and Hyderabad blasts, Bihar floods, road clearance in Bangalore, Diwali fire preparedness, saving people from electrocution, and during the Karnataka floods in 2009.

Looking at the growing number of man made disasters - the terror attacks - we aspire to workout mechanisms that can stay in slumber in peaceful times but which can be immediately activated and enforced in the event of disasters to ensure speedy relief. This includes working out blood supply for emergencies.

What is the Driving Force behind the organization:

  • We don't work for name fame or money. We work for our soul. We work for that special relationship that we share with our soil. Believe it or not - the purity of this relationship is the biggest driving force.

  • We cannot see mismanagement and in-action in the society and choose to stay out of it. We may not be able to sort everything out at once, but we have chosen some things; at least those things will soon become better.

  • We have NO source of funding other than the contribution by the ~35 volunteers (working and studying). No external funding means no pressure to do the things which we don't consider appropriate - complete freedom - a one to one relationship with our nation. But we have accepted funding in the form of printed donor leaflets/ brochures, which were sponsored by BMTC.

  • We believe in the innate goodness inside each Indian. We believe that if we work hard enough, we will be able to awaken the youth for the larger cause. At the same time, we are not here to lecture and suggest. we do our work while people watch. Those who care - those who think - those who feel, will surely join in.

  • Our Strength: Sheer hard work, Determination, Passion, Vision and Persistence. And never ever forget - patience. Things don't change in a day (weeks.. months.. and sometime years..).

Our only support is the support of the people. It is they who have raised a group of 5 students to the position of a well recognised and acknowledged group of Youngsters all set to “Revolutionize the way Blood Donation works”.