February 2011: Testing times for Emergency Wing and steady pace for others

Emergency Wing

Bombay blood group requests have increased tremendously in the past few weeks since January. Even in the month of February, there were 4 requests of Bombay blood group, out of which two were from Bangalore and 1 from Vadodara and 1 from Vijaywada. If you know any Bombay blood group donors, please let us know.

Apart from the Bombay blood group request, there were totally 80 blood requests in the month of February which included 29 requests from outside Bangalore. 38 requests were for negative groups of which 20 requests from outside Bangalore. There were 3 donations taken from Sankalp’s side of which two were SDP donations.

The team has identified around seven topics of research and there were two technical talks by Volunteers in the month of February. Also, the junior volunteers were tested on their knowledge related to blood.

Rakta Kranti Karnataka

The volunteers of Rakta Kranti Karnataka wing are interacting with the colleges in Tumkur, Kolar, Mysore, Raichur, Davangere, and Chikmangulur to organize both the donors registration and the blood donation drives in these colleges. This would be the plan for the new semester in the colleges.


Majorly, along with the monthly Newspaper being printed, the resources were required for the Workshop which is a IBBB initiative to be held during the month of June. Around 500 envelopes and several information brochures and registration forms were printed this month. These were sent out with the Sankalp Patrika to the blood banks in Karnataka.

Disha wing’s request for the packed bag which had all the documents and other requirements for visiting the hospitals were made ready. Along with that, books for logging all the data from the new Disha Call Centre equipment were also printed.

Rakta Kranti Bangalore

We had 8 blood donation drives with 4 companies in February and over 630 donations were collected during these drives. The details of the drives are given here.

Capgemini: We had the Capgemini drive on 4th and 5th February 2011 at RMZ Ecospace. Over 400 donors turned up but about 290 donations were completed. The team red at Capgemini did a fabulous job spreading awareness about blood donation.

ARM: We had the ARM blood donation drive on 8th and 9th February 2011 where over 250 donors attended the drive with 199 donations made. Here it was organized as a pool drive and over 10 companies in the campus participated in the drive.

VM-Ware: We had the 1st blood donation drive at VMWare where 50 donors attended the drive with 38 donations made.

KPIT-Cummins: We had the 1st blood donation drive at KPIT-Cummins on 15th February 2011 at 2 locations in Bangalore. About 240 donors attended the drive with 197 donations completed. The “Team Red” training was provided to company volunteers, which resulted in good management of camp by the employees themselves. The volunteer team at KPIT-Cummins did very well in spreading awareness on blood donation by sending regular e-mails, putting up posters, and sending presentations to all the employees.


We announced the code red protocol certification. 3 people took the test and 2 succeed. We will be announcing 3 more certifications in the coming month.

Rakta Kranti Schools

Total number of schools approached in February was 17, out of which programs were conducted in 7 schools spread over 9 sessions along with the competition being held in one school. These sessions had the participation of 965 students.

The programs were held in Mariam Nilaya, Shanthi Children High School, Christ King High School, Kanan Christ High School, Poorna Pragna High School, Hymamshu High School and St Paul High School. And competition was held in Ujjwal Vidyalaya.

Many schools are interested in the program but want us to visit them in the month of June. We will have competitions in 2 schools in the coming month of March.

Tech team

Tech Team started with 49 open requests/opportunities on February. 20 more requests were added in the same month. Out of this, 15 requests were resolved. The server crashed and was upgraded to Linode. Monitoring of the new server is going on. Sankalp-Tech Sharing session and “basic level” was successfully completed. Quite a number of opportunities are being closed. Drush learning has been done which would be used for User Management.


Monitoring of Websites and graphical representation of Server stats via Munin has been reintroduced. The plan is to decentralize tasks on respective site admins chosen for all sites. They would be given trainings on the technologies used to enable them to resolve minor site related issues by themselves. These tech trainings are being standardized by providing videos, documents, ppts or other materials on core technologies used to enable volunteers to features used.

Other pending tasks from the team include many requests are pending to be resolved and the need to clean up opportunities for Tech Team. Many important tasks like changing the theme for Sankalpindia.net, a stable model for monitoring websites and mitigating server crashes are still not done, IBBB website changes etc require to be worked out.