Rural Development Trust and Sankalp India Foundation - together to fight thalassemia

On a lazy Sunday morning, a team of doctors, staff nurses and patient coordinators from Rural Development Trust Hospital, Bathalapalli, Ananthpur, Andhra Pradesh embarked upon a journey of 200 km to Bangalore. They spent the good part of the day visiting the thalassemia care facilities organised by Sankalp India Foundation in Bangalore. It was the commitment and dedication of this team towards the health and well being of the poorest of poor children in the backward region of Ananthpur which brought them to Bangalore. The two teams brain stormed on the strategies, past experiences, challenges and the road ahead.

While the doctors exchanged ideas, the nursing teams met each other as well. Nursing, as Dr Lawrence Faulkner says, and as we have known is the most important pillar in the delivery of care. Of-course this was one of the best things to be happening that day - and we were to realise this soon.

A new What's App group was created in no time and the two teams found an instant communication link. Since that date, the medical teams are interacting with each other frequently. Sometimes, they discuss difficult cases and at other times, they tune the strategy.

A few days later we visited their hospital. I quickly found my way to meeting our nursing team there. We met with warm smiles and within seconds the lady seemed to be searching for something. Soon she pulled out a register and with pride on her face told me that she was now calling kids for transfusion on appointed dated. She also shared that the hospital had agreed to provide the meals. The glitter in her eyes spoke volumes of the happiness she felt with this two seemingly insignificant changes. Working day and night with families, she knows what difference it makes.

Thalassemia is a huge challenge. Our nation and people have huge limitations. It's time we get together to share our strengths and join hands in our larger fight. Sankalp India Foundation is proud to be a part of the network which committed to enabling adequate and appropriate care, management and cure for each child suffering from thalassemia.