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Time for annual review-sharpening the axe for the year to come

April is a busy month at Sankalp India Foundation(SIF). This is the time when SIF reviews the work that the organisation has done in the past 1 year and lays out strategy for the year to come. Sankalp operates through teams which focus on different areas of the organisation's work. There is an emergency team, a team for the helpline, a team for thalassemia and so on.

A walk for Thalassemia

Thalassemia is a genetic blood disorder in which there is a reduction in the rate of production of haemoglobin and thus causing anemia. Treatment for Thalassemia Major involves regular blood transfusions. Some patients may require a transfusion every three weeks and treatment is often a painful process. With proper care and treatment, a person with thalassemia can live near normal life.

Sankalp Annual Report 2017-18 : Keynotes
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Given our quest to do full justice to our principle of Giving Life A Better Chance, it was essential that we spent some time on balancing rapid growth with consolidation of existing work.

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