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A walk for Thalassemia

Thalassemia is a genetic blood disorder in which there is a reduction in the rate of production of haemoglobin and thus causing anemia. Treatment for Thalassemia Major involves regular blood transfusions. Some patients may require a transfusion every three weeks and treatment is often a painful process. With proper care and treatment, a person with thalassemia can live near normal life.

Vision and Goals for the journey ahead souravroy Sun, 06/28/2015 - 10:52

We have come a long way. Over the past 12 years, Sankalp has evolved from a group of college students toiling hard to ensure no one in their vicinity suffers due to shortage of blood into a structured organization working with experts and taking Karnataka towards 100% voluntary blood donation and a making the state thalassemia free.

News and Updates from April 2015

Rakta Kranti

With the onset of the new financial year, Sankalp Rakta Kranti Team looked to make a strong start with plenty of blood drives catering to the summer period. On the back of a year with close to 12,000 units collection having gone by, the team wanted to maintain the same momentum. In summary, 1055 units were collected in 13 drives.