Bombay Blood Group : Frequently Asked Questions

Why Bombay Blood Group is named so?

Most of us are not aware about such blood group’s existence. Bombay blood group is named so because the first case was found in Bombay (now Mumbai), the financial capital of India. It is believed that this blood group resulted from gene mutation in Indian population and slowly was spread all over the world.

How rare is this group?

It’s one of the rarest blood groups in the world. 1 in every 17600 people in India or 1 in every 25000 in the world population has this blood group.

What is Bombay Blood Group?

To understand Bombay Blood Group we must understand the details of blood grouping. When we say someone has blood group A, it means that the person has antigen of type 'A' and antibody of type 'B' in his/her blood. People with AB have both antigen A and B in their blood and no antibodies. People with O blood group have only antibodies A and B and no antigens. However what is not generally known is that all these groups have an antigen H on the Reb blood cells as well. There are very few people who do not have this antigen H also in their blood. Instead they have antibody H. Such group is called Bombay Blood Group

Blood Groups(Antigens and Antibodies)

Blood Group Antigens  Antibodies
AB A,B,H -
Bombay Group - A,B,H







Why Bombay blood group is usually mistaken as as O?

Most places where blood test is done, the presence and absence of antigen/antibodies A/B and Rh alone is tested in the blood. Since Bombay group does not have either A or B antigens, it is usually read as O blood group. It is only when a specific test for H antigen is done that one can differentiate between O and Bombay Blood group.

I have O positive Blood group. Is it possible that I am actually "Bombay Group Group"?

We should all know our own blood group correctly. And in case it’s found to be O group, specific test for Bombay Group should be done.

Where can I get Bombay Blood grouping done?

This can be done in most of the good reputed blood banks and labs on request. Please write to us if you are unable to find such centres in your city/town.

What if I have Bombay Blood Group?

A person with this rare group should always be cautious and alert. Save our contact and ensure your close family members also have our number saved so that during an emergency they can reach us directly for blood. Also you should register with us so that if someone else is in need of this group we can request you to help by donating blood.

What to do if you need Bombay Blood Group?

We can definitely start a search for Bombay blood group by following these steps.

  • Get all the family members and relatives of the patients tested for the blood group. It’s very likely that one or the other relative has this group.
  • Put up a request for the requirement in the leading newspapers. Please don’t circulate message and mails as it will only contribute to spam folder.
  • Be open to get blood from other cities.
  • The most effective way is visiting all blood banks of the city as well as neighbouring big cities. Usually blood banks have a huge list of donors who had donated in the blood bank till date. Out of this huge list 1 or 2 may be Bombay blood group.
  • Any if nothing works contact us on +91-9480044444 or log on and post a request. We will do our best. You can also mail us at 
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