Kashmir Earthquake

It's the soil for which they lay down their life The same soil which we call our mother It's a part of our own country Then why do we feel differently for it? Devastation was close to complete in the Tangdhar region of Kashmir. The earthquake had taken its toll. We initially thought that large scale mobilization will take place. We though that we are so far that we wont be able to reach the place in time. We were wrong. Something deep within drove us and gave us the directions to proceed for relief. Reaching the place we saw that there were very few who really cared. 600 blankets were all that we could take to Tangdhar. Tejas Networks and Mr Suvajit Sen placed their trust in us. Students from Indian Institute of Science, MSR College lf Law, Degree and P U,Diploma,M S R Institute of Technology, M S R Institute of Management, M S R Dental College and few more, all joined in hands to show that we care.. The experiences we had in our trip to hope are waiting to be shared.. Read on...


Submitted by pooja on Sat, 13-May-2006 - 16:06


One thing that I observe is that we are bothered only about ourselves and the place we live,. We are all INDIANS irrespective of whether one lives in Kashmir or kanyakumari. We should understand that we are responsible for the whole country and we have to help our co-countrymen will they are in need. Why not think our country as our mother who also like everyone of us has a head(J&K),hands(the seven sisters and Gujarath) and legs(southern India). Just think...don't you as a whole weep if even a small part of your body is hurt?????...then why this difference with your MOTHER?????