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Bhopal Gas Tragedy - Whose Problem is it Now?

Although several stories questioning if justice had been done to the victims of the worst industrial disaster in Bhopal on 3rd Dec 1984 keep coming up, it is unclear if people reporting these understand the real problems. Perhaps there is no accurate numbers on the magnitude of damage. Different sources quote different figures.

sankalp Tue, 23-Dec-2014 - 11:37

Final Report

To all people who helped us,

Please find attached the final report of Project Prayas - The Relief for Flood Affected Assam. With your support and participation, Project Prayas led to the supply of 1947 sheets of tarpaulin to the most needy people in Majuli (Dist: Jorhat) and Sootea (Dist: Sonitpur) in Assam. Thousands of people will have better shelter only because of your support.